We plan and build shafts – come build a promising future with us through our Apprenticeship program. Our Apprenticeship program offers students a chance to experience on-the-job training alongside their classroom studies in the following fields:

  • Mining Technology
  • Office Administration
  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration (Duales Studium)

Since 1980 more than 600 young professionals have successfully completed the program.  We are committed to training and development and will continue to invest in this program in the future. 

We look for teamwork abilities, craftsmanship skills and also technical know-how from our prospective mining technologists.  From our business administration apprentices we look for foreign language skills and communication skills.  We value flexibility in regards to travel and also multi-disciplinary skill sets.

For further information regarding our Apprenticeship program, please download our Apprenticeship Program PDF.