Deepening a shaft whilst extraction continued - Prosper-Haniel Shaft 10

Deepen a material and hoisting shaft by 272 m whilst extraction continued. A large inset at the new 7th level was constructed using shotcrete and bolts. Once the sinking work was complete, the new shaft part was fitted with 6 guiding beam lines and 7 pipelines.

The shaft was deepened whilst extraction work continued. The new part of the shaft was separated from the existing part by a safety platform over 6 m high over the cross-section of the shaft. In the course of sinking the shaft, a large inset was constructed on 2 sides, each 10 m, the average final diameter was 12.5 m. A smaller shaft station was excavated near to the final depth. The new shaft part was fitted with 3 shaft bottom frames, 6 guiding beam lines and 7 supply lines with an inner diameter of 50-400 mm.