Exploration Works Uralkali

Two central shaft boreholes were drilled as part of the engineering-geological-geotechnical explorations at the approach points (in the shaft cross-section) to the 2 future shafts in the new Ust-Jaiwa mine Uralkali.    

The central shaft boreholes 784/1 and 784/2 were sunk as core boreholes down to their end depth of 432 and 531.16 m respectively below ground level, whereby the core samples were characterised (lithology, colour, consistency etc.), documented and photographed on-the-spot. Further samples were taken for additional examination in the laboratory (laboratories in Perm & Bochum).

The core pipe lengths of 9 m originally planned were not able to be implemented during the drilling period due to the structure of the rock and the weather conditions down to minus 42°. The low core extraction in the first core and the frost-proofing to be ensured whilst extracting the core meant that the core pipe length was set to a max. 2 to 3 m. 

A bentonite-polymer flushing was used as the drilling fluid, to which salt was added when the salinary layers were reached.