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Over 125 years of experience speaks for itself


Deilmann-Haniel is one of the most experienced shaft sinking companies in the world. 

We are a specialized mining contractor servicing both mining and tunneling industries. Since the founding of the company in 1888 we have safely and successfully sunk:

  • More than 500 shafts with a total depth of 210,000 metres
  • More than 190 freeze shafts with a total depth of 37,000 metres

Deilmann-Haniel employs all methods to manage and maintain mine shafts throughout their operating life.


Innovation is our tradition



Deilmann-Haniel has always been a pioneer when it comes to new technologies or methodologies.


The following have been developed and introduced by Deilmann-Haniel:

  • Composite lining systems
  • Steel lining systems to secure leakage shafts
  • Ground freezing in shaft sinking and tunneling
  • High performance mechanized sinking systems

Every project in shaft sinking is a challenge because every project is different. Our clients need customized solutions, and this is what they get.


We are looking for you


For many years Deilmann-Haniel  has been pursuing the aim of working on schedule, costs and quality for the customers.

The only way we are able to do this is through our talented team of people who bring a wealth of industry knowledge, skill, and experience to the table.

We are interested in you as a manager or technical specialist with an urge to take on new challenges and develop your career. Our most dedicated team members are opened up to a world of future prospects.

A vast range of tasks, performance-related pay and comprehensive training and development opportunities await you.